A motorcycle tyre is considerably more complex in its design and structure than a car tyre and consequently being on the right tyre can dramatically effect handling, grip, safety and most importantly confidence in your motorcycle. Our staff have many years experience with a wide range of bikes and tyres and, therefore, are well qualified to advise you as to the most suitable tyre for your application.

We are a recognised Continental tyre stockist and can supply a wide range of tyre sizes and styles to suit your needs. Though we do work closely with Continental to supply their tyres at the most competitive prices, we can also supply any brand of tyre of your choice.

Important safety rules for motorcycle tyres:

  • Observe specified minimum air pressure. (See motorcycle owner´s manual)
  • Check inflation pressure, and adjust if necessary, on every refuelling stop
  • Do not exceed maximum load capacity. (See motorcycle registration papers)
  • Avoid impact strain (e.g. curbstones)
  • Check tyres regularly for signs of damage or intrusion
  • Never ride on tyres with less than 2mm tread depth (more is better) even though the legal requirement is only 1mm
  • Only buy specified tyres. Handling characteristics can only be optimized through proper tyre fitment
  • Use the right inner-tubes to match the tyres (if necessary). New tubes for new tyres
  • Make sure valve caps are fitted. New valve for new tubeless tyre
  • Only use specified rims in perfect condition. Specialty rims require special approval
  • Only have tyres fitted by a skilled tyre fitter
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Advice on tyre pressure:

Motorcycle manufacturers always go into the subject of air pressure in great detail in their vehicle manuals. It is possible to find instruction on air pressure for every driving situation. In addition it is usually possible to find a sticker on the vehicle with the necessary information written on it.

  • The manufacturers make a distinction between load (riding solo or with a pillion passenger, with or without luggage) and speed (on secondary roads or motor-ways).
  • Naturally in such a short fitment guide it is not possible to give the necessary tyre pressure details for every motorbike and because of this we refer you to the recommendations of the motorcycle manufacturers.
  • From years of experience we are aware that motorcyclists sometimes ride on tyres for which the air pressure is not suited to the driving conditions. We do however advise that you always ride at the highest pressure level given in the manual.
  • Some amount of comfort will be lost, but that loss will be outweighed by improved safety. In addition the rolling resistance will be lower which will help to save fuel.
  • Incorrect inflation pressure reduces the service life and may have a negative influence on the riding characteristics of the motorcycle.
  • Under-inflated tyres flex excessively, easily overheat and can suffer damage. Over-inflation can cause uneven wear.
  • Improper inflation, either too high or too low, can adversely affect overall handling and ride quality.
  • Tyre pressure will be measured when the tyres are cold. During riding the tyre becomes warm and the tyre pressure is therefore higher (up to 0,5 bar). This excess pressure should not be let off as it will automatically be balanced out as the tyre cools down again.
  • If you possess no tyre pressure recommendations for your motorcycle, contact us and we will be happy to advise according to the most up to date fitment guides.
  • As a rule the tyre pressure for motorway riding should be 0.2 bar higher. The same also applies to a bike with a fully laden rear axle.
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Tyre Fitting:

As well as fitting tyres supplied by us, we are happy to fit and balance your own externally sourced tyres but we would urge you to call us first to give us the opportunity to talk you through your requirements and compete with your online quotations.

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Puncture repairs:

We are fully aware that the majority of tyre manufacturers and motorcycle manufacturers do not recommend repairing punctured tyres. The reasons given for these objections are that the puncture can affect the structure and integrity of the tyre by damaging the reinforcement cords within the rubber. Therefore, any puncture repair cannot be guaranteed against partial or complete tyre failure resulting in damage to the motorcycle and/or injury to the rider.

With this in mind, we would recommend to anyone considering puncture repair, that replacing the tyre would be a preferable option but we are also aware that occasionally due to financial restrictions is it not always possible. Therefore, we do offer a puncture repair service which we are assured by the manufacturers of the puncture repair equipment we use to be a life-long repair.

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